— Jesus A. Jimenez is a Dallas-based writer and editor.


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Thinking You're a Better Athlete Can Help You Become One

"I decided to go all in and immerse myself in the belief that I can run my fastest mile.”


How the USMNT Lost Top Prospect Jonathan Gonzalez to Mexico

"In losing Gonzalez, U.S. soccer will be deprived of a home-born player who had the potential not only to represent the national team for years to come but also to become one of its leading faces."


Two Brothers, Two Earthquakes

On Sept. 19, 2017 a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico, sending panicked residents fleeing into the streets. For two brothers the fear was familiar—they had experienced this exactly 32 years before.

Dave Ramsey Has a Plan for the Rest of Your Life

SUCCESS magazine June 2017 cover story - Dave Ramsey.
This is the power of Dave Ramsey: He makes people want to live better, more disciplined lives.





The Most Enduring Man in the World

A SUCCESS editor trains with the man who tackled one of the most improbable athletic feats in history, completing 50 Ironman races in 50 days.


Would Today Be a Good Day to Die?

We have no control over when or how we die, but we can control how we live each day. We might not always have the opportunity to live each day to its fullest, but if we find things to be thankful for, then each day has the potential to be a good day.

How Training for a Marathon Pushed Me to Seek More

Setting new goals and constantly challenging ourselves is how we grow.

An Immigrant’s Take on Today’s American Dream

"Not everyone can identify with the stories of immigrants, but this much is true: The U.S. offers so many unique opportunities to have a better life regardless of ability, wealth, ethnicity or religion. We live in a country where, regardless of who you are and what your background is, if you have grit and work hard enough, anything is possible."


How Having a Rival Can Be Your Greatest Advantage

A rival shouldn’t be someone you hate for being your competition, but someone you admire, who will push you to be better.


How I Grew by Learning How to Cook

"The smoke alarms are blaring throughout my apartment building. They won’t stop. My roommate runs in from the living room to find me desperately waving a kitchen towel in the air to clear the smoke."

How I Learned to (at Least Try to) Get My Way

"To challenge my insouciant personality, my editor gave me this assignment: For seven days, I must make two attempts at negotiating the price or the terms of everything."

Stay Humble, Work Hard and ‘Never Ever Quit’

Jeff Banister, manager of baseball’s Texas Rangers, has triumphed over illness, grief and naysayers to reach his dream.